Thursday, November 22, 2018

bodyhopper part 13

bodyhopper part 13 intro (the story so far)

I must admit this story has gotten complicated and I am nearly finished unraveling it so I can continue to just have our main bodyhopper carry on surfing merrily. The story has reached a point where there are at least four versions of the bodyhopper existing in the same time - all of them the same guy but different age. I have to break it down quickly so that the "one" person who is actually following the story is sure he understands.

1. The main bodyhopper is the one who is posting on instagram as "bodyhopper". Then, when he returns to the past in Olivia Munn's body changes his account to bodyleaper. Because they all share their powers from the same source (unknown source) he currently only has the power to bodyhop.

2. The main bodyhopper is now in the time when he first discovered his powers. More specifically, he is exactly in the time when his past self was living in Emma Watson's body (not knowing that at the time he didn't have his powers to bodyhop). So now they exist at the same time with only our "bodyleaper" actually having the power to bodyhop.

3. The "Rihanna" body hopper is a corrupted version of our "hero". He lives full time in Rihanna's body, using her life and money. He has the power to control minds. His powers can cause irreparable damage to the victims brain. He used his powers to make Cara Delevigne sleep and now she is brain-dead.

4. There is a morphing version of the bodyhopper who might be good or bad. We know he is older and knows more. As with Rihanna, we don't know when he returned back in time or to what time. He is monitoring our main character. So far he has only shown the power to morph.

If any version of our character dies or travels back in time, some other version of him gets his powers. The main bodyhopper lost this timetravel, bodymorph powers when he went back in time, but stole the body hopping powers of himself from around a year ago. It is not known which version now possesses the power to time-jump.

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